Undergraduate Mentored Research

Our lab is committed to providing undergraduate students with the opportunity to be involved in ecological and evolutionary research. Unfortunately, more students apply to work with us than we can accommodate. Therefore, interested students should first learn about the research that we do in our lab and then determine if joining our group would be a good fit. My model is to bring new students into the lab and have them rotate through a set of ongoing research projects during their first semester. At the beginning of the second semester I invite them to develop their own project or to work closely with me, or one of my postdocs or graduate students on an ongoing project. My ultimate goal is for each undergraduate researcher to get to a point where they can present their research findings at a scientific meeting and help co-author a publication. I also strongly encourage my students to apply for ORCA research awards. This typically takes a commitment of at least one and half years. Hence, underclassman (freshman, sophomores, and early juniors) are particularly encouraged to apply. Students hoping to spend just a semester of research in mentored research should probably identify a different lab.

To find out more about mentored research opportunities you can contact me directly, or can speak to any of my graduate students or postdocs. The best time to inquire is just before each new semester begins. Students conducting research can enroll in Bio494R for credit and beginning the second semester may be eligible to be paid to conduct their individual research project.