Undergraduate Students

Anna Gruszkiewicz BYU International Biology Intern (University of Canberra, Australia) in 2014 and Mentored Research at BYU 2013 - present Anna's research explores the effects of pharmaceuticals found in waste water on mortality and behavior of freshwater fishes.  Anna is currently applying to graduate programs, planning to begin in 2016. Yes
Henry Camarillo 2013 - present

Henry has conducted mentored research in our lab working on several different research projects.  He recently returned from two week of field collecting in western Mexico.  He is currently working as a curatorial assistant on fishes housed in BYU Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum.  Prior to this, Henry contributed to a project examining individual-level swimming tradeoffs inBrachyrhaphis fishes that have evolved in the presence or absence of fish predators.  This collaboration--with Spencer Ingley and Hannah Willis--has culminated with the following manuscript (currently in review).

Ingley, S. J., H. Camarillo, H. Willis, and J. B. Johnson.  Evolving beyond paths of least resistance: repeated evolution of local adaptation where within population trade-offs are lacking.

Henry is currently applying to PhD programs in evolutionary ecology and plans to begin graduate school in 2016.

David Money BYU International Biology Intern (Panama) in 2012 and Mentored Research at BYU 2012 - present

David participated in our International Biology Internship program in 2012, living in Panama for three months where he conducted field experiments on freshwater fishes to explore the effects of predation history on fish behavior.  In collaboration with my PhD student Spencer Ingley, he has written up these results and has submitted the following manuscript for publication.

Money, D. A., S. J. Ingley, and J. B. Johnson.  Divergent predation environment between two sister species of livebearing fishes predicts boldness, activity, and exploration behavior. 

David is currently applying for medical school, which he plans to begin in 2016.

Meaghan Weldele BYU International Biology Intern (UNAM, Mexico) in 2013 and Mentored Research at BYU 2012 - present

Meaghan's research is focused on life history evolution in Mexican livebearing fishes.  She published her first paper on this work in 2014 in a collaboration between our lab and Professor Jaime Zuniga at UNAM.  This paper is listed here:

  Weldele, M. L, J. J. Zúñiga-Vega, and J. B. Johnson.  2014.  Life history of Gambusia vittata. Southwestern Naturalist 59(4):449-460.

Meaghan is currently applying to graduate schools, planning to begin a PhD in 2016.

Whitney Springer 2015 - present Whitney is a Utah Valley University undergraduate student who is in the planning stages of conducting research in my lab. No
Elena Farnsworth International Biology Intern (Australia) 2014 - 2015 Elena spent Winter 2015 at University of Canberra conducting research with my collaborator Dr. Peter Unmack. No